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18th February 2024 Heinz Brägger
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Heinz Brägger

Heinz is an experienced management consultant for growth and transformation strategies. His expertise comes from many years of global leadership responsibility as well as from his entrepreneurial successes as a sparring partner and consultant for CEOs, Management Boards and HR leaders.

Dear SAMBA members – happy 2024!

A year ago was the Career / Leadership / Coaching Council of SAMBA born.

We defined the following two targets:

- Lifelong learning through events and blogs

Build and run a platform for economic offers to give SAMBA members access to personal or corporate solutions in a broader HR perspective.

We started with a view event in June and November.

You will see more events in 2024 in form of a series of online Lunch talks (20 min inputs / 20 min panel / 20 min Q&A).

We also in planning of evening events with physical presentations and after work drinks.

Now we start the blog which should be bi-weekly inputs from Board Members but hopefully soon from any SAMBA members. You are invited to participate.

I am looking forward to many interesting interactions between all of us!

See you soon – your lead of the SAMBA Career / Leadership / Coaching Council,

Heinz Brägger


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