SAMBA Monthly Private Investment Roundtable 20

  • 21st June 2023
  • Virtual
  •  12:00 PM - 01:00 PM
  • Virtual

Event Detail Information


  • Introduction and Review last Roundtable 5min (Mr. Marc-André Schauwecker, SAMBA)
  • Presentation of the Helveteq Strategy 30min (Dr. Christian Katz, Helveteq)
  • Status SAMBA Flex Portfolio and Asset Allocation 5min (Mr. Markus Kaeser, SIS Group AG)
  • Macro Status AGFIF 15min (Mr. Mojmir Hlinka, AGFIF AG)
  • Q/A about the Market Macro Situation 5min (all participants)


Helveteq AG (Dr. Christian Katz, CEO, Helveteq AG)

  • Presentation of Helveteq strategy in general
  • How to issue ESG compliant products
  • Presentation of the new Swiss Green Gold ETP

Short Review of SAMBA Flex Portfolio/Market Recap (Mr. Markus Kaeser, Managing Partner, SIS Group AG)

  • Feedback from the Investment Core Group.
  • What did we change during the last weeks in the SAMBA Flex Portfolio?
  • Homework: Investment proposals to: [email protected]!

Review by AGFIF (Mr. Mojmir Hlinka, CEO, AGFIF AG)

  • Macro Status AGFIF
  • Status of positions «Börsenradio»
  • Status of positions «Certificate AGFIF»

Important points to keep in mind:

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Note: This is not an investment advice, and for informational and educational purposes only!