Startup meets Corporate | M01N Zürich

  • 24th November 2022
  • Zürich
  •  06:00 PM - 10:00 PM
  • Physical

Event Detail Information

Gripping Startup Stories, Power Workshops, Exhibitor Expo & Apéro

Pitches, networking, and apéro included.

Location: Riedstrasse 3, Zurich

Date: Thursday 24 November, 2022

Time: 18:00

Reservation is required for this event.

First 15 applicants will get free tickets. Please, RSVP no later than 16 November stating your name and organization with a 1-2 sentence motivation to attend. Email for contact: [email protected] (Oxbridge Club of Zurich Committee member). You will receive a prompt response. Additional accommodation will be put into consideration based on the responses.

Link to the event description (in German):

Hot start-ups each take us on a 10-minute tour of their founding story and introduce us to their amazing ideas. Relentlessly honest and personal - with all the emotional ups and downs.

From the makers of the M01N Startup Camp ( )

+++ Rockstar Speakers, Workshops, Exhibitor Expo & Apéro +++

At this energetic event, you will find startups and representatives from selected companies who can become your new partner on the road to becoming a Unicorn. Through the inspiring conversations with new people, the line glows at the subsequent Apéro with delicious snacks & cool drinks.

There are some highlights among the talks. From startups that are on their way to the next big thing and those that are presenting their groundbreaking idea to the public for the first time that evening. We won't give too much away, hear for yourself what emotional rollercoaster rides everyone is going through and how quickly wow moments and frustration alternate. As icing on the cake and in keeping with the event title, you will also hear amazing stories from the corporate world.

Event Partner: WebGate | NTT DATA

+++ SPEAKER +++

Roman Weber | WebGate (Host) - André Wollin | M01N Camp & NTT DATA (Opening)

Ilker Yigit / Bekir Savi | Brandex >>> The complaint professionals - whether online shopping, travel or banks & insurances - with this smart idea you will get through every complaint.

Delia Herger | JobEagle >>> Always reinventing yourself to stay relevant - in search of Product Market Fit

Simon Bachmann | IDUN Technologies >>> Internet of Things was yesterday. With IDUN it becomes reality: Internet of Humans

Benjamin Oelsner | VinoLisa >>> How invisible technical problems can kill your conversion.

TikTok - isn't that Cringe? How you give away free reach every day.

Fabian Egger | The Intern - Marius Wirtz | MariusFuxs - Sven Geitz | bluebrywow

Fabian, Marius and Sven together have more than 1 million followers on TikTok in the areas of technology and travel & leisure tips for Switzerland. The guys have built up this enormous reach from nothing - starting at 0 with no previous knowledge or capital. Here you can learn first-hand how you can do the same with a little discipline.

In their joint talk, the three share their Top 3 Learnings for achieving a large reach and awareness on TikTok and achieving visible success in a short time. They explain how young and established companies can benefit equally, strengthen their brand and increase sales for their own products or services in the long term.

In addition, the first 20 people who register at the event entrance will have the opportunity to take part in an intensive Power Workshop with the 3 TikTok Cracks after the presentations. The three will ask you specific questions, address your personal situation and give you hard & honest feedback. Fascinating aha-moments and step-by-step instructions for your own TikTok success are guaranteed.

>>> More speakers to follow... <<<