Unlocking your Negotiation Potential: Strategies for Sales Negotiation Success

  • 27th May 2024
  • HeadsQuarter, Uraniastrasse 31, 8001 Zurich (3rd Floor)
  •  07:00 PM - 09:00 PM
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Speaker: Marcel Dévény, MBA (IMD MBA 2004), Former VP-Sales LEGO DACH

Bio of the Speaker:
Marcel Dévény empowers individuals for critical negotiations. With 25+ years of sales & negotiation experience at companies like P&G, MARS and LEGO, Marcel offers a holistic approach, honing hard skills with conquering mental barriers such as fear and low confidence. Furthermore, Marcel provides comprehensive training extending to pre-negotiation steps, including sales and business development. Marcel is a certified Trainer and a certified Mastercoach.

Partnering with IMD MBA Class of 2022 for interview excellence and successful salary negotiation, Marcel delivered remarkable results: fear reduction by -39%, a +54% surge in confidence, and a significant+ 78% enhancement in skills - earning an NPS of 83%. Quote: “Marcel´s support in negotiations is where he truly shines. I negotiated and agreed on a final offer that exceeded my expectations.”  

Marcel's impact extends to prestigious institutions and companies like Harvard, London Business School, Columbia Business School, Warwick Business School, IMD, BMW, SABIC, WOLT -  where he educates (E)MBAs, alumni and sales & procurement executives. Marcel holds an MBA from IMD, Class of 2004.

Session description:
Want to maximize your return on your sales and negotiation efforts? Avoid being among the “64% of salespeople who do not control their emotions” and “negotiate deals that are 12% less financially attractive.” Learn how to overcome fear, boost your confidence, and master the hard skills to sell and negotiate successfully.

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Dana Matache, Founding Partner / CEO, BOAVISTA AG
Dr. Marc-André Schauwecker, President, SwissMBAs

19:05 - 20:50

Exercises and Tools on Unlocking your Negotiation Potential: Strategies for Sales Negotiation Success

Dr. Marc-André Schauwecker, President, SwissMBAs

Marcel Deveny, MBA (IMD MBA 2004), Former VP-Sales, LEGO DACH

20:50 - 21:05

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